I am Geraldine J. Gibson  And I am 40 years old working women. I am a professor and part time cooker and making good and delicious recipe for my flower and blogger. I am always try to make herbal recipe so that people can understand what is natural food. How can they are benefited by this recipe.

I think I can share with you when I was start this type of recipe many group of people fun me and tell me what type of recipe you are done. It’s not workable and not to interested to get the recipe. In answer I tell then people can take many food but people cannot know what is good for him or what is not good for her. And now I tell you my flower is 15 million and all are very happy with my.

And the main think is my entire flower does not take medicine because they are always conscious about healthy food. And they even know what is benefited their health or not.  So now I tell them, I was right my logic and my work.

I published three books about it and here I mention how to people recover them without medicine. all of people are do not know how to take food and what type of food healthy or not. My books help to then take decision what type of food they can take or not.

So do you have any question about my books and article you can mail my and give me the suggestion. Your advice can help me to go forward and take my place.. happy life.. happy food.